I am Saksham Dixit, I’ve been working in the security industry since 2010 , an information security professional and based out at Bangalore, India. Subsequently I was employed in Security roles by Bank and many other organizations.

I use blog as a means of organizing everything I have learned and want to learn, and as a way to share those things with others.

My main intellectual passion in life reduces to the following:

  • Learning interesting things about how the world works, capturing them, articulating them, and documenting them.
  • Solving real-world problems by using my knowledge.
  • Sharing and discussing with others, how they can be used to affect change.

I enjoy finding patterns in things, constructing models for how the world works, and then discussing, sharing, and using that information to improve the world in some way. As for activities, I mostly enjoy cross-discipline reading and writing that furthers my reality-modelling passions mentioned above.

Specifically, I read a lot about new innovation in security, Latest news across the globe in any domain. I also like to run (5-7 km) every day, solve Rubik’s cube and use jumping rope to burn fat. When I read a new stuff I capture it on my reading  page. I also maintain lists of my projects and my ideas, if you’d like to look at those. If anything, I hope they inspire you to capture and explore your own life in a similar way.

So that’s a bit about me. If you want to join me please refer the below LinkedIn link .

Inviting you to explore, and I hope you find something here worth your interest.